Challenges of Online Sellers

 Challenges of  online sellers selling abroad! 

Right now it is an era of e commerce where every body wants to buy every thing he/she wants with a single click on the computer or through mobile handset. 

Similar to the shopping mall e commerce is also on the boom of its span of demand. There are so many portal where one can sell his stuffs and the products easily. Now a seller is selling products to a buyers from abroad. Everything is available for online sell and purchase. Sellers charge their shipping charges and the item price including all the addition expanses related to fulfilling that order of a particular item. There are so many categories of the items sold on e commerce portals. You have to decide what you want, what your need is. 

There are so many e commerce portals which allow sellers to sell through their channel. For which, they charge a nominal fee which is to be paid by the sellers. Although these portals deduct their charges at the time of transaction and they transfer the amount after deducting their charges. 

E commerce portals like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, flipkart etc deduct their charges from the transaction. It means sellers consider the site charges while marking the item costs.

Requirements of sellers to sell online abroad:

The requirements of e commerce portals are somehow similar but the implementation is somehow different also. But since few years they are asking for the Common documents to be a registered seller. These are like VAT, GST, registration certificate etc. 

Some portals have their own payment facilitates like Amazon. But some are still using third party payment facility. Although both of the above modes are easy and secure. 

Till now ebay Inc was using PayPal payment service to complete a transaction on eBay Inc. PayPal was it's default payment facility. But now PayPal has started to replace PayPal with the"Payoneer". EBay has planned to have all the sellers be using payoneer instead of PayPal by the end of 2021. Payoneer is easier than PayPal for an ebayer. Now a seller on eBay can easily get proper transaction report in a single place. 

Amazon has its own payment processing facility. But now it has started to authorize third party payment provider. 

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