MIS (Management Information System)

 Management Information System:

Nowadays, term "MIS" has an immense importance in the organizational operation and business operations. It is the process by which the important information regarding the business is gathered, to take an effective decision making.

If you see, you can find that every company follows this rule to make decision regarding their business operations and the new business strategy. Because a decision taken without the proper information can lead a huge loss for the organization. The decision maker is always eager to have a proper information. Since the correct and effective decision will result in god output for a decision maker which will prove him a god manager for the organizational view point. For a decision to be good and effective the MIS should be as follows:

a)     Timely information: Suppose a manager is assigned a specific task in which he has to take decision which is based on a timely information collected from various sources.  For example, a market research done on a product packing which is edible. The research report said that the packing should be changed as the survey done on a number customers said that the packing should be changed as the current packing is unaccepted. Th manager, decision maker took immediate effect and started to take initiatives to change the items packing and soon after few days the product was available in the market in new packing. It means, the decision was made after the information collected on timely basis.

b)    Accurate: A decision to be accurate and effective, the information should be accurate. Inaccurate information leads to the negative output in the organization. So, the decision maker assures that the information gathered is accurate. Although the information collected may not be 100 percent accurate that’s why the manager knows that risk associated with decision making on the basis of MIS.

c)     Relevant: An information must be relevant to the required decision making. Because, if an information collected is not in response to the requirement of the decision maker/ manager, then the information is of no use or that decision maker. Because, it is out of his area of decision, specialization. For example, a manager got information/report regarding the demand of the beauty product is not of use for him as it is not his area of decision. Because, the decision maker is working in a service industry.

Since, there are different levels of the management in the organization. It depends on the level of the management the manager is working.

If manager is a middle level manager, then he should have information according to his level of management. Although the decision taken by mid-level of management is shorter than the decision asked by the top-level management.

What is importance of the Management Information System in the organization:

The business process of any organization is based on the management information system.

Because, it is the process of keeping an information about any topic which have a positive or negative impact on the future business process. If the information is not kept confidential or gathered on timely and accurate and relevant basis, the organization would not have succeeded in the industry. Because the strong information, the long-term success in the business. So, one can say that that management information system is necessary for the business process and for an organization to be successful in  the industry.

No organization can survive or long term in the industry if its research and the information system is not accurate or is weak. A weak information system refers to the information gathered unwillingly, unnecessarily, irrelevant. 

Many organizations opt to spend more on boosting their Management Information System to enhance their business forward looking. 

Forward looking in the business process is very important thing which decides a company's success and failure in the future. 

Right now there are various means of gathering an information regarding a particular topic. Market survey is also a way to collect information from a large range of public aur customer interaction. The information system provides proper and accurate information which helps in making a smooth decision. 

Management Information System is performed on various types of management in an organization. For example, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Finance Management, Operations Management. Manager of these different types of management collects information to get a proper data regarding their area of specializations so that they can take decision in their respective fields. 




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