Always try to learn some lessons every time when we meet a person on the daily basis.

Nobody can assume that he is perfect in all aspects. There is always a lack of something.

Since there is always a lack of anything in response to the knowledge. We should try to learn at every moment of daily life. It makes a person perfect and updated.
There should be an eagerness to learn the lesson of every moment of life. As it is said that the eagerness to learn something makes a person perfect and mature. This means one should always think of learning a new thing every time. You can not compete today if you are not learning on a continuous basis.
Friends, as it is said that learning is a lifetime process and nobody is perfect in the aspects of learning. 
The art of Learning tells a person to be prepared to learn every thing aspect of life and the more you learn the more mature and perfect you will. At one time it was the tag line of the Gameshow "KBC" that "JITNA BAND TO SIKHNA BAND".
So, you should try to learn and learn to learn. Learning teaches you the tricks of living an updated life. As you can see that the highly qualified professionals always keep them updated with the latest scenarios about the area of specialty. They will be the expert in their field.

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