Make your habbit to do good thing with every Body

There are different types of people in the world. Out of them, some are fond of doing a great work with others like helping them whenever they are in trouble. Helping others in a trouble time is getting blessings of the person. In today's busy life no body have time to look for others and intervene in other person’s matter. While he opens his eyes in the morning and when he closes his eye at night when going on the bed. But some of them are also an exception of what ever I have discussed above. Such type of people feel happy and confident in helping others. In old proverb it is said that if you help others in good work, Means you are making your God happy and God gives something positively in return of that. God does your welfare. No body will be in trouble or in problem if he helps others and not betray them. Even nowadays we follow our epical rules in everything but in the latest format.
It should be your priority that no body is is harmed with you or no body gets angered with your behavior.
Please note that you will get in returns from others what you give. 

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